Tour 11 Beracah Model Homes

2018 Parade of Homes

Beracah Homes Crisfield Model


The Crisfield

Beracah Homes Alexandria Cape Cod


The Alexandria

Beracah Homes Bridgewater


The Bridgewater

Beracah Homes Newark


The Newark

Beracah builds all over Delmarva - we've chosen locations in the East and West on this parade.

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Traditionally we’ve held our “Open House” events at our main office in Greenwood, but this year, we are excited to bring you something NEW & different. The Beracah Homes - Parade of Homes is an opportunity for you to TOUR 11 custom homes/models that our customers have graciously allowed us to coordinate and share with you at the beginning of December. 

We’ve structured the Parade with an East & West route; there are 6 homes to tour in the East & 5 homes to tour in the West. You can start in one area, travel to another, stay in one area, or finish at your choice. Tour homes like the: Crisfield, Saxis, Snow Hill, Bridgewater, Alexandria and more.

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Don't miss this opportunity to tour specific Beracah Homes not available to tour in Greenwood. On or about the week of November 26, we'll be sending another email with the map of the locations, where we'll meet you. The Parade runs from 10-3

** REMINDER ** - we extend a special thank you to our customers for opening up their homes and allowing everyone to tour. We ask that you abide by a common sense, common courtesy principle when touring their homes. Please make sure that you use the restroom before arriving at a home. At each home we will be providing booties for you to place on your shoes, for when entering each home. If you do not wish to use booties, please remove your shoes before entering. The parade will end promptly at 3 pm. Please do not arrive to any home later than 2:45 pm. Thank you for your cooperation. This will be a wonderful event for those interested in building a Beracah Home & also for those looking to tour different model homes other than what is shown at our main office and factory in Greenwood.